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Strategies Membership Program

Finally, the guesswork has been removed from how to grow a world-class salon, spa or medical spa business. Now, instead of second-guessing your next step, you will experience the continual guidance of Strategies’ Membership Program — a comprehensive suite of personalized Strategies coaching, seminars, on-site training and webinars.

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All Access
$1,495 per month1
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$1,095 per month1
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$849 per month
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Customized Phone Coaching2

Command Center

Unlimited Email Support
Business Seminars All Seminars / 2 seats each
3 Seminars / 2 seats each
2 Seminars / 2 seats each
Front Desk / Guest Services
Managers Course

Leading a Team-Based Pay Company

Communicating Your Culture

Profit IQ

Breaking the Barriers of Team Service

Maximizing Medspa Growth
(for Medspa owners only)

Game-Planning Retreat4
Members-Only Seminars
   2 Seminars / 2 seats each
   2 Seminars / 1 seat each
   2 Seminars / 1 seat each
On-site Training
3 Two-Day On-Sites
1 Two-Day On-Site
Customized On-Sites

Online Courses & Webinars
Online with CEO Neil Ducoff
Strategies Webinars
Team-Based Pay Conference6 1 seat
Total Yearly Savings Save $18,683 (51%)
Save $7,548 (36%)
Save $4,951 (47%)
= Required (unless previously attended)
= Optional
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The mission of the Strategies Membership Program is a simple one:
To provide you with the tools, support and accountability to drastically improve your business.

The backbone of each Strategies Membership is the one-on-one support with a Certified Strategies Coach. Yes, you can learn new systems and procedures in a class or on-site training, but the critical element to ensuring these new skills get implemented is the accountability you will receive from working with your Certified Strategies Coach. With the Strategies Membership Program, you get them all.

In addition to personalized coaching and unlimited email support, each membership level includes the following:
  • All membership levels include free access to all Strategies Webinars.
  • All Access includes two seats to all Strategies Business Seminars.
  • Comprehensive includes two seats to three (3) Strategies Business Seminars of which the following are recommended: Strategies Incubator, Leading a Team-Based Pay Company and Game-Planning Retreat.
  • Foundation includes two seats to two (2) Strategies Business Seminars of which the following are recommended: Strategies Incubator and Leading a Team-Based Pay Company.
Here’s why we strongly recommend taking these three seminars first:
  • Incubator Seminar offers the most comprehensive immersion into the Strategies Management Systems — systems that will become the foundation of your business for years to come.
  • Leading a Team-Based Pay Company is about your company's culture. The process and work of shifting the culture of an entire company is almost always grossly underestimated by leaders. That’s why most culture shifts crash and burn within the first 120 days and the “I/me/mine” commission mentality resurfaces as strong as ever.
  • Held in the late third-quarter of every year, the Game-Planning Retreat is a three-day workshop designed to get your plan for the following year down on paper. Period. We know how quickly time can get away from you — and we also know how critical planning is to your success. That’s why every member is required to attend this event.
Mastermind Seminars ... a special benefit for members only:
  • Your Strategies Membership will automatically give you ONE SEAT (two seats for All Access Levels members) at each of the two Mastermind courses.
  • These events DO NOT count against your Strategies Membership seminar allocation. So, you can attend the two Mastermind sessions and still have all your remaining seminar credits available!
  • This is NOT a series that requires you to attend every session. You can jump in and out at your leisure.
  • Additional seats for key staff can be purchased for $299 per person.
Team-Based Pay Conference ... hosted by Strategies
  • Included in the All Access membership
  • Additional seats for key staff can be purchased for $445 per person.
Get access to even more classes and on-site training sessions with Comprehensive and All Access levels.

To discuss which Strategies Membership level is right for you contact Stan Bialecki at 800.417.4848 x205.

Note: All classes are subject to change or cancellation. Check the table above for current benefits.
1 Plus on-site educator travel and material expenses.
2 Up to 4 calls per month for first 90 days, then 2 calls per month thereafter.
3 Required first step for all membership levels.
4 Suggested annual attendance for all membership levels.
5 Mastermind DOES NOT count against your Strategies Membership seminar allocation. Additional seats for key staff can be purchased for $299 per person.
6 Additional seats for key staff can be purchased for $445 per person.

Terms & Conditions:
  • Each Strategies Membership requires a minimum commitment of 12 monthly payments.
  • Cancellation or failure to meet payment will result in full and immediate invoice of either three monthly payments, or the retail value of services rendered (coaching, sessions, on-sites, webinars), whichever is greater.
  • Member benefits must be used within 12 months of initial payment. Unused benefits will not "roll-over" to the following year.
  • Pricing does not include educator's travel and material expenses for on-site training. All payments and travel related expenses to be charged to the credit card below. Receipts will be provided.
  • No substitutions may be made for benefits that are not included in this membership level. Unused seats cannot be substituted for additional seminars. Seats must be used only for selected seminars. Once a seminar is attended seats will be considered used.
  • Strategies services are advisory and supportive only. The client bears sole responsibility for the use and implementation of services. The client also agrees to forever indemnify and hold harmless Strategies, its employees and its authorized representatives from and against any loss, cost or expense resulting from your activities related to the subject matter herein.
  • Member Seminar Registrations: Canceling seminars within Seven Days of the event will result in losing the allotted seminar in your membership level.

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