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Why Coaching?

Working with a business coach can be an incredibly rewarding - and profitable - experience. For those that have never worked with a coach, however, it can also raise a lot of questions. We'll do our best to answer them all for you here.

How can Strategies' coaching benefit my business?
Strategies Coaching is a confidential and respectful relationship designed to guide business leaders and their companies toward greater growth and sustainable success. More importantly, Strategies Coaching provides the accountability, thinking and innovation solutions to help you reach your goals. Through phone sessions, onsite customized training, a menu of seminars and Strategies' proven methods of business practices, our coaches will encourage you to achieve profitable results. Strategies' coaching is designed to offer step-by-step assistance in helping you clearly define, execute and meet your desired goals.

Who are the coaches?
Our team of Certified Strategies Coach is a group of exceptional business professionals. With the heart of an entrepreneur and the mind of an unwavering leader, each coach is passionate about helping owners and their teams excel in all aspects of their businesses.

Unlike coaching franchises where all it takes to become a coach is the ability to pay the fee, each Strategies coach must complete an extensive three-year training program, during which they must demonstrate their command for business by opening up their own companies to close monitoring and coaching by Strategies. And that's what makes Strategies coaches unique: They are all business owners - just like you - and each of them experiences the same challenges that you face every day.

How do I get a coach?
We determine a strong match for you and your business based on your needs, opportunity and the strengths of the coach. For detailed information, e-mail Bruce Hourigan or call 800.417.4848 x203.

How does coaching work?
You and your coach will identify strengths and areas that need improvement. We will review your financial reports and assess the four areas of the business: productivity, profitability, staff retention and customer satisfaction. From this data we will create a plan and coach the business through the process of achieving the goals. Open communication, dedication to the process and celebration of each win will motivate you and keep you swimming upstream.
Do you have other options besides phone coaching?
In addition to phone coaching, Strategies also has an impressive menu of seminars and Webinars. We also bring the classroom to you with our On-site Training and face-to-face On-site Coaching services. For detailed information, e-mail Bruce Hourigan or call 800.417.4848 x203.

How long does coaching take?
Your customized coaching/consulting package includes phone sessions each month, complemented by weekly e-mail support and required weekly goal setting and reporting on your progress. YOU determine the length of your coaching experience! Today's business world has embraced coaching as the necessary factor in consistent business growth and retention of its most valuable resource - people! We have clients that have participated in coaching for several months and others that have been active in coaching for several years.

What do I need to begin coaching?
The most important tool is the willingness to do things differently and the openness to look within to achieving your dreams. The systems, business knowledge, reports and tools are the easy part of creating a successful business model.

How do I stop coaching?
We require 30 days written notice to end coaching. Give us proper notice and that's it.

Is the focus about the numbers, the financial reports?
No and yes. The fact is that the numbers and reports give the data to support what is working or not working in the business. Many companies are unclear how to read the data to make more informed business decisions. We will help you put away the crystal ball and begin charting your company's course based on true data. Once the company's needs are determined, then coaching the people and the right behaviors begins.

What kind of things do we work on?
The most common areas of focus are leadership, culture, finances and communication. Many of the headaches leaders experience are symptoms of larger issues. We need to get to the bottom of what is going on before the headache goes away and stays away.

Do I have to be on Team-Based Pay?
We service a variety of customers from many industries. Team-Based Pay is a pay model that we teach; however we work with many different organizations which utilize many different pay models.

How long and how often are the calls?
The coach and client determine the length of each call and frequency each month. With a two-hour block of time, many clients opt for longer calls, while others favor frequency. You will discover your preference though your coaching experience.

For detailed information and an informal and confidential discussion of your business needs, e-mail Bruce Hourigan or call 800.417.4848 x203.

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