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Is your staff working hard enough? Are they working too hard? (Yes, that can happen.)
The goal is to maximize the efforts of your team, using objective measurements and putting systems into place to achieve the highest levels of effectiveness - without drama. When your entire team understands the systems and puts them into play, productivity will soar.


No one goes into business to lose money. But it happens every day in every industry. Rock-solid profits help guarantee your success. If you don’t keep your eye on the prize, your staff will never know what to do to contribute to the viability of the company. Learning to grow profitably (and getting your team on board) is the key to long-term success.


Staff Retention

What’s necessary to have an engaged, enthusiastic staff goes far beyond salary. It is possible to have your employees function together as a team, working for the company’s goals, and not simply their own objectives. Making sure your employees fit your company’s culture (and not just a skill set) will charge up your atmosphere, an improvement that both staff and customers will notice.

Customer Loyalty

If you have a lot of first-time clients, but low client-retention rates, then it’s impossible to move your business forward. Your business must offer an extraordinary customer experience, every time, in every way. Then, you must make it easy for the customer to come back. The entire staff must be involved in the process. Every customer belongs to the company, and everyone is responsible for client retention.

Financial Literacy

Your financials are the lifeblood of your business, and every report tells a different part of the story. When you utilize these reports to the fullest, you’re able to make decisions that will contribute to a healthy bottom line. If you’re guessing or using reports selectively, you’re flying blind and likely to find nasty financial surprises along the way.


What and how you pay goes far beyond a number on a piece of paper. Your compensation system can be the key to creating a culture where employees are passionate about your business and focused on company goals, rather than simply trying to gather the most clients. Properly motivated, your team will work to offer consistent, world-class services. With the right pay system, they’ll be rewarded, both individually and as a group.

Learn more about Strategies' Team-Based Pay compensation system.


Just because people work at the same place doesn’t’ mean that they’re working as a team! An atmosphere of teamwork means that staff members help each other out, go beyond basic requirements, stay focused on the company’s goals and understand that each client belongs to the business (not an individual) and needs to receive the same quality experience. When employees work together — rather than compete against one another — great things happen.

Information Flow

You’re talking, but are you communicating? Information flow must be relentless and must go in every direction. What you say, how you say it, what you don’t say, how you listen, how you respond — when you master and implement essential communication skills, you’ll find your team gets energized and your customers come back.

No-Compromise Leadership

There’s no middle ground when it comes to leadership — you’re either a no-compromise leader or you’re jeopardizing the future of your company. No excuses, no blame. If it needs to get done, get it done. Every time.

Learn more about Strategies' No-Compromise Leadership services.

No-Compromise Leadership
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