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Only available to active Strategies coaching clients...

Designed and built by Strategies, the Strategies Command Center is our proprietary cloud-based coaching system. It delivers secure access to an unrivaled array of Strategies’ coaching tools, project management and planning templates.

The Command Center finally overcomes the inherent limitations of phone coaching that too often turn into conversations or drift from the original objectives and goals. Coaching is about achieving milestones, improving performance and that big spooky thing called accountability. We have built a system that has both the coaching client and the coach focused and looking at the same computer screen with access to an array of Strategies' coaching tools, project management and planning templates. More importantly, we built in seamless communication and interaction between coaches and clients.

Here are just some of the features of the Strategies Command Center:

  • Complete project management: ... including Milestones, deadlines, Task Lists, progress status, file uploads, reminder notices and calendar syncing to your computer and devices. Your Coaching Dashboard always shows you the days left until each deadline, a detailed activity list, and of course, your Milestones and Tasks that are due (or late and by how many days).
  • Coach communications: Other than your coaching calls, the Messages feature provides email communication with your coach directly from the Command Center. Emails can be tagged to a specific Milestone or Task, or can be labeled as just a general question for your coach. They can even contain file attachments, and every email thread is stored for later reference.
  • Templates and planning spreadsheets: Everything from revenue projections to cash flow plans, monthly scoreboards to a payroll projector, Broadband Pay Scales to a cost per hour calculator and more resides on the Command Center. No more managing, fixing or losing Excel files. We've even built in a digital version of the "Four Business Outcomes" and "Eight Drivers" charts.
  • Dashboard and progress stats: Enter your critical numbers in the Critical Number Dashboard once a month and use our Comparison Stats tool to monitor your progress by percentage gain or loss for any date range.
  • Essential files and resources: We've built in a file storage feature with folders to upload any kind of document or file you need to share with your coach. There's a special "Financials" folder to upload your monthly Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements for review. There's even a Strategies Resource folder pre-stocked with downloadable Strategies Benchmarks, Happiness System, Four Business Outcome charts and other reference materials.
  • Secure and Password protected: We give you a username ... but you set and change your password as you wish. You and your Strategies Coach are the only people who can view your information.
Coaching is about developing leadership skills, accountability, and focus. That's why we built the Strategies Command Center - to achieve the right outcomes and to help you grow your company. It represents the No-Compromise approach to leadership and business that Strategies has been teaching, coaching and preaching for over 21 years.

For a no-obligation guided tour of the Command Center, please contact Neil Ducoff.

Strategies Command Center is only available to active coaching clients

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