How to get unstuck


Today’s MMWU is for all the leaders that keep wondering what opportunities exist over the horizon but never move toward it. It’s for all the leaders that choose to tread water and are realizing that their arms are getting tired. It’s for all the companies that are waiting for their leader to snap out of […]

Six steps to winning and getting things done


If winning in business feels so great, why does it take so much work to get people to play the game to win? If getting things done is the only way to make forward progress, why is it so difficult for us to tackle the tasks on our To-Do lists? Procrastination, resistance to change, leadership […]

The six plagues of leadership

Neil Ducoffs Monday Morning Wake-Up

Just as leaders tend to fall into different leadership styles – like command and control, visionary, democratic, and of course whimpy – there are behavior patterns that tend to persistently plague leaders. When present, these behavior patterns can be anything from annoyances that chip away at a leader’s effectiveness, or they can be truly destructive […]

Why fundamentals matter in your salon or spa

I am a big baseball fan. One of the reasons why is because of the great lessons the game teaches us. For example, when a team isn’t playing well for an extended period of time, the manager focuses on the fundamentals of the game. These are the basics such as batting, fielding and throwing. He […]

Five ways to stay energized in your business


Feeling a little blue? First-quarter sales not quite what you were hoping for? Just a little worn out by the day-to-day routine? Try these tips to recharge your batteries and get reinspired about being a leader: Know it’s not always going to be easy. There are going to be tough days, difficult decisions, cash-flow challenges, […]

What is it about these Wake Ups?

I’ve been writing the Monday Morning Wake Up (MMWU) for more than three years. My mission is to have every MMWU tap into the thinking and behavior at the core of a true no-compromise leader. While other leadership experts write about the “what to do,” I write, teach and coach about the thinking and behavior […]

What triggers your procrastination bug?

Everyone procrastinates. Even those people you admire for their tenacity, high productivity and accomplishments are afflicted with the procrastination bug. I know that I procrastinate. I have an alarm that goes off every Tuesday morning at 7:30 to remind me to write my Monday Morning Wake-Up. I’m writing this at 6:11 a.m. on Friday, which […]

If it needs to be done, why aren’t you getting it done?

We all have projects and tasks that we can’t wait to dig into. We tackle them with vengeance and immerse ourselves in their complexity. We are truly in our element and feeding our desire to reach our full potential. You know exactly the projects and tasks I’m referring to because they play to our strong […]

How hard are you playing the game of business?


Here are the facts: Business is a game. You play to win. There are owners, managers, coaches and players. The “season” is 12 months – one game per month. You have the option to draft young, talented players for your team or hire experienced free agents. Competitive teams are always attempting to recruit your best […]