Dynamics of Salon & Spa Productivity Rates

Dynamics of Salon & Spa Productivity

    Productivity is about a consistent, efficient and proficient output rate in a specified time. If it needs to be accomplished – its productivity rate can be measured. In a service business, achieving and maintaining an optimal productivity rate can mean operating in the glow of profitability or the stress of mounting losses. The […]

How to Increase Salon & Spa Productivity in Six Steps

How to Increase Productivity in Your Salon or Spa

So, your salon/spa is not as productive and efficient as it should be. You’re certainly not alone and share the same frustrations as many of the country’s top salons and spas. Now, how do you reach the target benchmark of +/- 85% productivity and achieve the kind of profit levels that you deserve? There are six strategies to […]

When You Want It Bad Enough


Everything changes when you want it bad enough. It doesn’t matter if it’s advancing in your career, starting and growing your own business, achieving a once unthinkable goal, or mastering new skills and abilities. When you want it bad enough, it exists with absolute clarity in your mind. When you want it bad enough, the […]

Making Peace with Performance Reviews


Do you do quarterly performance reviews at least once a year? That’s a line from my No-Compromise Leadership book that always gets an unsettled chuckle. Why? Because there’s something about conducting performance reviews that causes them to be avoided, conveniently forgotten or dreaded. For many leaders, the thought of scheduling performance reviews is the equivalent […]

Anatomy of Payroll Expense


  If you have a business, you have payroll expense. Even if you work alone, after all the expenses are paid, you are the payroll expense. Machines and computers may automate, speed and simplify many aspects of work, but a business is still about people. And when a business has people, payroll is and always […]

The High Cost of Leadership Indecision


  For leaders, indecision is choosing inaction over taking action. Indecision is a choice that allows a problem to become a crisis, poor performance to become tolerated performance and potential obstacles to become concrete road blocks. Indecision also has a unique way of turning seize-the-moment opportunities into missed opportunities. No matter how you look at […]

What is the best commission rate to pay salon or spa staff?


This question is routinely posted in discussion forums. And just as routinely, and with the best intentions, the same old responses begin piling up. Some suggest 45%, some 50%, and some even 60% and higher. Some suggest sliding commission pay scales. Others advocate commission with product charges. Heck, it’s even assumed that if a salon […]

Choosing Your Business Model: Employee or Independent Contractor


A business model is best described as a schematic that defines all of the working features, components and capabilities that will drive the business. If you want your business to deliver consistent quality and growth potential, those elements must be built into its business model. If you want your business to deliver flexibility with minimal […]

Customer Service Is All About Sense of Urgency


Sense of urgency takes on new meaning and purpose when discussing the Customer Satisfaction Business Outcome. Think about the times you walked into a business and waited for someone to notice and take care of you. OK, now think about the times you waited while watching employees talk to one another and were totally oblivious […]

Five Ways to Lead Through Push Back


Your business seems stuck and just can’t muster the collective energy to shift into a faster gear. Monthly goals have become a string of near misses. Your team is getting complacent and you know all too well what can happen when average infects your culture. It’s time to shake things up and that’s exactly what […]