Do not be a business maintenance man

maintenanceMan2When I was a young man starting out on my first job, I thought to myself, “I want to be the manager.” I was always fascinated with business and what made it work. I love the energy that comes from a team of people working together and […]

Consistency is a choice

consistencyJust how good do you want to be? What level of the game do you want to play? How important is that vision of yours? How passionate are you about the work you do? How committed are you to achieving excellence? If you were an aspiring athlete […]

You feel stuck because (?)

stuckSooner or later, all leaders have symptoms of being stuck. It’s when you feel like you’re working really hard and making excruciatingly slow progress, or no progress at all. It’s when a few setbacks turn into major hurdles. It’s when getting things done […]

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TOP TEN Worst Leadership Behaviors

bad_leadershipFor 40 years I have devoted my career to teaching, writing and coaching on entrepreneurial business growth and leadership. I included the term “entrepreneurial” because I am also a life-long entrepreneur. I just love all aspects of what makes a small business great. I especially love the […]

Culture shifts live or die with clarity and information flow

information_flow2I’ve witnessed more attempted culture shifts during which the leader charges off in a new direction only to discover that his culture is still locked on the old heading. That occurs when employees lack the clarity on why the company changed course. There […]

Death, Taxes and 1099

death-taxesThere was a “lively” thread on Strategies Idea Exchange forum on Facebook. A group member posted, “I just spoke to an owner who files a 1099 for her staff, but doesn’t call it ‘rental’. She lets stylists make their own schedules, she provides products and all services […]

Into the heart of Compensation Systems design

compensation_designIn its most simplistic state, a compensation system buys time from an individual performing work. That’s the easy part; everything beyond this point becomes progressively more complicated. Can the individual perform the work and deliver on expectations? Can the individual fit the company’s unique culture? Does the […]

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When you are committed to going for it

committedIt starts as a “what if” vision of the possibilities awaiting you … if you commit to go for it. What is “it”? “It” could be your career, your company or an accomplishment that is profoundly personal and meaningful to you. The “what if” vision may take years to achieve, or […]

The damned if you do, damned if you do not hiring decision

hiring_dilemma2The situation: Revenues are falling flat and the company is missing its monthly goal more often than not. It’s not that the company is doing poorly; it’s just stretched financially. Your company has reached an awkward stage where it needs to hire someone with a specific skill […]

The ultimate leadership wish list

leadership_definedIn its most distilled state, leadership is about getting to a better place. It is about leadership of the self, leadership of other people, leadership of processes, and leadership of resources. At a deeper, cerebral level, leadership is purely about shaping the disciplines of thinking and behavior. […]

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