Five Ways to Lead Through Push Back


Your business seems stuck and just can’t muster the collective energy to shift into a faster gear. Monthly goals have become a string of near misses. Your team is getting complacent and you know all too well what can happen when average infects your culture. It’s time to shake things up and that’s exactly what […]

Ten GOTTA DOs to be the BEST company


When someone says, “I want to be the best at what I do,” what does it really mean? When a leader says, “We are going to be the best,” what exactly does that mean? On an effort scale of one to ten, is this commitment to be the best a no-compromise, whatever it takes, TEN, […]

Being the best team member


There is something empowering about being part of a team that wants to be the best. Being the best means that every team member is committed to doing “whatever it takes.” Once the performance bar to be the best is set … it becomes every team member’s performance bar. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure […]

What if the accepted way is flawed?


There is a way things are done. Industries have their way of doing things. Businesses have a way of doing things. People have a way of doing things. This “way” is the accepted way. Deviate from the accepted “way “and you risk being labeled a renegade, troublemaker or just a plain old nutcase. But what […]

Of course it is your company, but


As a leadership coach, the best way to gain insight into how a company is run is to talk to employees. They willingly share the good, the bad, and the ugly about the culture of the company, its structure and its leader. Because the purpose of venting is to clear the air, I always get […]

Pride is an Outcome


In order to experience a profound feeling of pride, it must be preceded by an accomplishment. To feel pride in your new car or new home, you had to earn the financial wherewithal first. To earn the financial wherewithal, you had to build your career and establish yourself in the business world. To feel pride […]

Testing your limits and lessons learned


Comfort zones are boring. Status quo is ordinary. “Doing OK,” means satisfactory but not exceptional. “Playing it safe” is a commitment to never pursue your full potential. When it comes to our potential to achieve great things, we all have our limits. Some people are just built to run or swim fast. Some people have […]

Your business. Your creation. Your dream.


What you read in these Monday Morning Wake-Ups is about real life entrepreneurial leadership. I write for you, the small business owner, because you were crazy enough and bold enough to risk everything for the dream of building a company your way. I write for you because tough challenges come along with building a company […]

Time to remix and drink your Kool-Aid


As kids, we loved to drink Kool-Aid. Just water sweetened with sugar, tart fruit flavors, artificial coloring and absolutely no nutritional value, it was just fun to drink. Maybe that’s why “drink the Kool-Aid” became a metaphor for a group’s shared belief in some intangible thing. If you drink the Kool-Aid, you believe and instantly […]

The Choice: Take control or make excuses

Things happen for a reason. There is always an explanation for an outcome … whether it is good or bad. It can be an inspiring story of a leader stepping up and taking control of his or her reality to create the best possible outcome. In contrast, it can be a docudrama describing all of […]