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Leadership Retreat

Every business needs to fine-tune its leadership thinking, behavior and systems. If you’ve ever said, “We need to get everyone on the same page,” you instantly confirmed that your company is not dialed in for optimum performance. Sometimes leadership and business challenges go deeper requiring an expert to come in and see, understand and help you fix what you and your team cannot.

For a limited time, Strategies founder and CEO, Neil Ducoff, is offering one and two-day “Private Leadership Retreat” programs. These retreats are customized to address your company’s most pressing challenges, needs and objectives.

There’s nothing quite like having the author of No-Compromise Leadership, Fast Forward, and his new book, Wake Up!, at your company for training and coaching. You and your team will be enlightened as Neil guides the process of building the road map that will take your company to the next level. You’ll be challenged with new leadership insights while enjoying Neil’s dry wit.

The Process

  • Assessment call and agenda
    Neil will conduct a fact-finding call with you and your leadership team to assess your current challenges, leadership roadblocks, and where you want your company to be in five years. Neil will create an agenda for your Leadership Retreat and submit it for your refinement and approval.
  • Reading assignment
    You and your leadership team members will be sent copies of Neil’s No-Compromise Leadership and Wake Up! books that must be thoroughly read prior to the start of your Leadership Retreat. Both books will serve as text books for the Leadership Retreat.
  • Icebreaker kick-off dinner
    The night prior to the start of your Leadership Retreat, you will host a casual dinner for your leadership team so they can get to know Neil. This casual evening will help Neil better know and understand the players on your team.
  • The Leadership Retreat
    Whether you select the one- or two-day Retreat format, it should be held offsite in a quiet meeting space. No phones ringing. No interruptions. No mobile phones buzzing. No texting. No emailing. Your Leadership Retreat will begin at 8:00am and conclude at 6:00pm each day. For two-day Retreats, there will be an evening session the first day. Note: Strategies will be delighted to host your Leadership Retreat at its Business Academy at no additional cost other than catering.
  • Wrap up and follow-up
    Neil will prepare a written summary of your Leadership Retreat to serve as a reference tool and game plan. Neil will also conduct two follow-up coaching calls in the 30 days following your Leadership Retreat.
  • Optional All-Team Meeting
    Neil’s Leadership Retreats are all about achieving breakthroughs. So much so, you may want Neil to lead an All-Team Meeting for your company. These are typically two-hour sessions designed to inform, inspire and jump-start the change process.
Limited Availability
Due to Neil’s busy coaching and speaking schedule, Leadership Retreats will be booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. To get all the details on hosting your own Leadership Retreat with Neil, please email or call Bruce Hourigan at 800.417.4848 x203.

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